Rim Damage Cover: Does car insurance cover rim damage?

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Introduction of Rim Damage Cover 2023

It is common in India to encounter bad roads with potholes and cracks while driving. Apart from spoiling the driving experience, these bad roads may also damage your vehicle. Although intense damage is rare, damages like bent or cracked rims due to irregular roads are common. In this article we will be discussing the scope of a Rim Damage Cover and if regular car insurance covers rim damage.

Rim Damage Cover

Does insurance cover rim damage?

There are two types of insurance policies available for cars, namely, Third-party Car Insurance Policy and Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. A Third-party Car Insurance Policy only offers financial protection against accidental injury, death or property damage to a third party. It does not cover accidental damages to the insured car. Consequently, it also does not cover damages to your car’s rims.

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy, on the other hand, offers Own Damage Insurance (OD) cover and financial protection against third-party liabilities. The OD component provides cover for accidental damages and damages arising from natural and man-made calamities. Thus, in the event of an accident, the financial cover is also extended to the damaged rim of the insured car.

However, in non-accident cases, rim damage is not covered under this policy and a Rim Damage Cover has to be bought separately. Non-accident scenarios may include rim damages resulting from driving over potholes, road debris or driving too fast over speed breakers. That is why it is recommended to buy a rim cover on top of your Comprehensive Car Insurance.

What is Rim Damage Cover in car insurance?

A Rim Damage Cover offers financial protection against damages to the rims of an insured car. Such damages can result from driving over potholes, road debris or kerbs. This cover is usually offered by insurers in addition to a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy and is subject to availability. And may increase the policy premium payable.

Rim Damage Cover

What is covered in Rim Damage Cover?

The following are the inclusions of a Rim Damage Cover. The exact list of inclusions may differ from insurer to insurer. Always either check with your insurer or go through the policy document to find out the exact inclusions of the policy.

  • A Rim Damage Cover offers financial compensation to replace the damaged rims of an insured car with new ones.
  • The financial compensation usually covers the cost of new car rims of a similar make, model and other specifications to the original.
  • This cover is usually applicable only for cars fitted with Tubeless Tyres or Run-Flat Tyres.
  • A Rim Damage Cover can be availed up to four times during the policy period. However, this may differ from insurer to insurer.
  • Some insurers also cover replacement associated costs like service, labour and consumables.

Exclusions in Rim Damage Cover

The following are exclusions of a Rim Damage Cover. The exact list of exclusions may differ from insurer to insurer. Always either check with your insurer or go through the policy document to find out the exact exclusions of the policy.

Rim Damage Cover
  • Damage to the insured car’s rims that occurred before the activation of the cover.
  • Theft of the insured car’s rims.
  • Damages resulting from an accidental fire.
  • When the car’s rims are already covered under a warranty or recall campaign.
  • Minor damages that do not affect functioning.
  • Loss/damage resulting from modification of the car’s rims.
  • Damages resulting from lack of regular maintenance.
  • Damages that result from taking part in illegal activities like racing.
  • Costs for maintenance activities like wheel balancing, wheel alignment, tyre rotation, etc.
  • Injury or property damage caused directly or indirectly by damaged rims.
  • Any damage to car parts or accessories caused due to damaged rims.
  • Loss or damage caused due to manufacturing faults.
  • Loss or damage caused due to regular wear and tear.

Note: If you happen to change your car rims on your own, you will have to inform your insurer. You may also have to share details like the identification number of the new rims. 

Should you make a claim for rim damage?

If your car’s rims get damaged, it is important to consider whether it is worth raising a claim. You could base your decision on the cost of buying new rims and the type of wheels your car has. The reason is, most car insurers have a deductible that may be of equivalent cost to buying new rims. Also, you may lose the accumulated No Claim Bonus (NCB).

Rim Damage Cover

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Rim Damage Cover

Pickup and delivery

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Speedy claims

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Key takeaways

In Indian road conditions, there is a high likelihood of damages resulting from potholes, kerbs and road debris. That is why it is wise to precautionarily buy a rim cover to financially protect against damages to your car’s rims. Also, go through the policy document to find out the scope of coverage of a rim cover before making a purchase.

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