UCO Bank Personal Loan: Personal loan of 10 lakh without any hassle – fill the online form like this.

UCO Bank Personal Loan: To meet our needs, many times we need to take a loan. But taking advantage of our compulsion, many banks and lenders charge us a heavy rate of interest for the loan. In such a situation, today we have brought information about such a bank which is ready to give good loans to its customers at very low interest rates. Today we will talk about UCO Bank.

Through UCO Bank Personal Loan, you can take a loan for various reasons, to start your business, to repair the house, to spend on any festival, etc. You can easily take a loan up to a maximum of Rs 1000000 from here. What is the eligibility criteria for this loan, these documents will be required. We will provide you all these information here

UCO Bank Personal Loan

UCO Bank is known as a famous bank in India. Here you will find different types of services. If you want to take a loan, then the bank has many loans, such as: gold loan, home loan, business loan, personal loan etc. Today we are specifically discussing personal loans. You can get this loan up to a maximum of ₹ 1000000. You can take a loan of 10 times your salary. The bank gives you this loan at an annual interest rate of 5.40%.

While there is a special discount for women. Women have to repay the loan at only 4.40 percent annual interest rate. Not only this, men are given up to 48 months to repay the loan installments by the bank. While women are given up to 60 months to repay the loan. For this eligibility and documents will be discussed in the next part.

UCO Bank Personal Loan eligibility criteria 

If you have also read the benefits of taking a loan from this bank and want to take a loan. So you should read the eligibility mentioned below once. Loan will be given to the applicant who fulfills these eligibility criteria.

  • Above what age should the person applying
  • The person who wants to take a loan should be working in any government or private sector for at least the last 3 years.
  • It is necessary for the applicant to have a bank account with this bank.
  • The applicant must have paid all types of taxes to the government for availing the loan .
  • The maximum loan will be given to the applicant only up to 10 times of his salary. While loan more than 1000000 rupees cannot be given to anyone

Documents required for UCO Bank Personal Loan

You will need the following documents to avail the loan:

  • Aadhaar card or identity card of the person applying
  •  Salary slip of the applicant
  • Proof of residence of the applicant like electricity bill, telephone bill, water bill etc.
  • You must have the necessary requirement to avail the loan. Loan is not given without need

Method of taking UCO Bank Personal Loan Online

Let us tell you that this loan is being provided by the bank through both online and offline means. If you want to take loan through offline then contact your nearest UCO bank. After this the bank employees will give you the application form which you will fill and submit. After the form is submitted, your verification will be done and you will be given the loan. Whereas if you want to take loan online then you will need a smart phone .

After this you follow the following:

  • First of all go to the official website of UCO Bank. You can also do directly on this link. www.ucobank.com/
  • After this you have to click on the link of personal loan.
  • Now you have to apply here  and click on the link.
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  • After this, you will reach a new online form as per the picture shown above, where you will have written your bank related information and personal information.
  • First of all, write your name with which you have a bank account.
  • After this you have to write your home address
  • Now enter your email id card mobile number
  • Write the amount of money you need from the bank as a loan
  • After this, the verification code will be sent to your mobile by the company.

Once verified, your application will be submitted. Now the employees of the bank will contact you and talk further with you regarding the loan and will help you in getting the loan easily. 

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